Program Director of Adult Health Home


Supervise Senior Care Manager Supervisors of Health Home and Health Home Care Management Staff:

  Recruit and hire high quality Supervisors and Care Management staff.

  Ensure staff are oriented and trained in the roles and responsibilities of Care Managers.

  Supervise and evaluate the performance of the Senior Care Manager Supervisors and Care Managers

  Provide or arrange necessary training for Care Coordinates

  Train new staff in Netsmart and other agency systems

Adult Health Home Program Responsibilities:

  Provide day to day supervision to ensure program is running efficiently

  Supervise the Senior Care Managers Supervisor of Health Home

  The Program Director of Adult Health Home is responsible for managing the Health Home referrals

  Proactively monitor program budget to ensure revenue goals are met

  The Program Director works with the managed care companies and community sources in status of our referrals and in working together to help meet our client's needs

  Ensures clear and timely communication occurs between the program and referral sources for great client care

  Program Director addresses client and staff concerns

  Submit our performance evaluations to the Erie County Department of Mental Health.

  Performs internal chart audits to make sure that the case records are in compliance to the regulations

  Oversees the staff use of the EMR in documenting patient care plans, all health home services and tracking both patient progress and program outcomes.

  Attend appropriate community meetings

Provide Health Home Related Education:

  Provide education and supervision to supervisors and Care Managers as needed through in-services and small group discussions.

  Provide educations on what a Health Home is internally and externally

  Embed a wellness component into Health Home activities


  Awareness of Adult Health Home best practices. 

  Possess a background in healthcare/mental health 

  Knowledge and experience in supervision/leadership;

  Ability to work effectively in groups, to team build and lead care management personnel toward achieving agency goals.


  Degree in a field related to behavioral health

  Strong supervisory and operational experience