Outreach Team Leader - Homeless Services

Job Title: Outreach Team Leader 

Program: Homeless Services 

Reports to: Program Director


The Outreach Team Leader functions as the team leader of a multidisciplinary homeless outreach team and supervises the day-to-day operations of the program. Initiates contact and begins the engagement process with street homeless individuals, conducts case finding, intake, and assessments. After successful engagement, the Outreach Team Leader introduces individuals to resources available to homeless, mentally ill within the community. Develops collaborative relationships with community members (i.e.: local police, transit authorities, library security guards, etc.) to identify potential contacts for the program. The Outreach Team Leader operates at a high level of independence and responsibility under the supervision of the Homeless Services Program Director.


  • Addresses the training needs of the team and promotes access to relevant trainings.
  • Oversees the completeness of all Outreach charts and documentation protocols
  • Organizes and facilitates the weekly Outreach meeting
  • Flexible work schedule to include evenings and weekends
  • Intervene in crisis or pre-crisis situations to limit and contain problems
  • May work with individuals harmful to themselves or others


  • Requires knowledge in dynamics of homelessness. 
  • Understanding of psychiatric diagnosis and symptomatology and working familiarity with community resources, including entitlement programs, medical, financial and legal services, housing and emergency food programs, and the range of mental health treatment and rehabilitation services available. 
  • Must be able to effectively engage treatment resistant, street homeless individuals. 
  • Must have an understanding of MICA issues. 
  • Must be able to effectively broker services and develop resources. 
  • Must possess knowledge of and ability to provide crisis intervention strategies effectively. 
  • Must be able to demonstrate leadership qualities, effective communication strategies, organizational skills, and good judgment in service delivery. 
  • Good oral and writing skills. Highly independent, requiring minimal supervision.


  • Master's degree in Social Work or mental health field, or a related human services field, including relevant field placement experience or
  • Bachelor's Degree plus 2 years' relevant experience or an Associate's degree in Human service field plus 10 years' experience. valid 
  • NYS driver's license and a car required.