Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor


This position provides Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental health supports to students in grades Pre K-8 that attend Buffalo Public School #53 or #30.  The Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor is responsible for the development and implementation of appropriate social emotional and mental health interventions that align with the Closing the Gap program and school goals.  The Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor facilitates mental, social and emotional supports for the designated target population throughout the school day. Social emotional supports include universal social emotional supports and interventions, evidence based curriculums, behavioral supports, referrals for appropriate services, crisis intervention, and consultation for appropriate social emotional interventions. The Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor works as an integral link between families, the school, and the community as a whole. The Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor is able to work with clients who have mental health, substance use, or co-occurring concerns. The Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor will provide individual and group therapy to individuals and support services for their families, as well as crisis counseling. Additionally, the Mental Health Coordinator/Counselor will complete comprehensive assessments, diagnose, treatment plan, discharge, and link clients as appropriate.


  • Provide and monitor programming designed to increase the academic and social emotional development of participants which align with the District, School and Grant specific goals and objectives.
  • Demonstrate as a BestSelf employee the agency core values.
  • Plan and deliver evidenced based curriculums such as but not limited to Second Step, CBITS, Positive Youth Development, MindUp and Restorative Practices.
  • Meet and maintain program objectives through maintenance of appropriate program data and reports.
  • Participate in professional development.
  • Meet regularly with school staff, Program Director, the Building Brighter Futures (BBF) team.
  • Work collaboratively with school staff to address academic and socio emotional needs of students.
  • Work collaboratively with the Closing the Gap Family Advocate
  • Plan, deliver and track services and communications with parents/guardians and provide linkages to additional resources as needed.
  • Comply with all agency, school/site and program policies and procedures.
  • Meet all administrative requirements to ensure compliance with state regulations and evaluation requirements (OCFS, NY State Department of Education and Erie County).
  • Provide connections and referrals to outside resources for families in need.
  • Collaborate with other professionals in the school setting to determine appropriate interventions and goals for students.
  • Provide crisis intervention to students in need in the classroom.
  • Provide assessments to determine appropriate level of intervention for students.
  • Provide services to a clinically and culturally diverse population
  • Provide multi-modal treatment interventions with strong emphasis on cognitive-behavioral interventions
  • Provides initial and ongoing assessments of clients, including client history, evaluation of problems, and formulation of diagnosis.
  • Develops initial and ongoing treatment plans which describe the goals of treatment and the methods to be used.
  • Provides integrated individual, family and group counseling and psychotherapy to assist clients in achieving the goals of treatment.
  • Assists clients with linkages to appropriate community resources to enhance treatment and recovery.
  • With appropriate releases of information, communicates with others in client service systems to coordinate care. Such contract may include, but not limited to, primary care physicians, insurance companies and other service providers involved in the care of clients.
  • Schedule and assigned duties are subject to change based on the needs of the program and the clients we serve.


  • Microsoft Word, Power Point & Excel
  • Knowledge of local resources and services available to children and families.
  • Introductory-level understanding of evidence-based interventions.
  • Basic understanding of school structure and school-based interventions (such as IEP, 504 plans, etc.)
  • Must have knowledge of a variety of intervention techniques, including motivational enhancement; common mental disabilities, chemical dependency interventions and resources.
  • Must possess good oral and written communication skill
  • Must possess computer skills adequate to maintain the electronic record. 
  • Must appreciate cultural diversity and be aware of cross cultural counseling issues.


?  Full Time is a 35 hours a week, Monday-Friday 


  • Master's Degree in Social Work, Psychology OR Mental Health/ School Counseling
  • Minimum 2 years' experience working with school age children, preferably in an urban educational or clinical setting.