Medical Director

Job Title:  Medical Director

Reports To: President

FLSA Status: Exempt


The Medical Director is responsible for overseeing medical services provided to consumers by BestSelf medical staff including psychiatrists, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses.  The Medical Director will be a resource to the Executive and Senior Management Teams and will advise the teams on all medical matters.  The Director will provide organizational leadership to the medical staff ensuring that all consumers are provided with a high quality of medical care.  She/he will offer clinical leadership to the organization and contribute to the development and review of policies and procedures related to medical care.  She/he will contribute the quality of care offered by BestSelf and, as needed, will offer education and information to the clinical staff.  The Medical Director duties will comprise an average of 7-10 hours per week, and the Director will be expected to provide clinical services at assigned programs for the remainder of his/her hours worked per week.


I. Regularly Scheduled Meetings:

·  Utilization Review level III meeting monthly

·  Risk Management meeting monthly

·  Nurses meeting monthly.

·  Program Directors meeting quarterly or as appropriate

·  Executive and Senior Management meetings as needed.

II. Clinical Responsibilities:

·  Provide psychiatric and medical perspective in the development of policies and procedures that govern clinical care at BestSelf.

·  Provide coverage for review and signing of treatment plans for prescribing clinicians.

·  Review inpatient and emergency room utilization through a specific protocol.

·  Develop guidelines for clinicians to use in evaluating patients in need of ER evaluation.

·  Assist in developing policies for prescribing clinicians regarding medical and psychiatric evaluation, laboratories, admission and discharge criteria.

·  Be involved in new program development and evaluation as appropriate.

·  Develop and maintain prescriber performance expectations.

·  Conduct root cause evaluations as needed.

·  Offer psychiatric consultation to primary care physicians who provide medical care to challenging BestSelf clients.

III. Education and Supervision

·  Provide direct supervision to medical staff, including evaluation and disciplinary action as needed.

·  Provide collaboration to Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

·  Provide education and supervision to clinical staff as needed through lectures, e-mail, and trainings.

·  Provide assistance with optimizing electronic medical record for prescribers.

IV. Community

·  Assist in recruitment and hiring of prescribers (NP's and MD's).

·  Assist in developing training opportunities at BestSelf for Nursing Graduate Programs and Medical School/Residency Programs.

·  Assist in develop liaisons and working relationships with private and public payors.

·  Assist in developing liaisons with local hospitals and community physicians

·  Schedule and assigned duties are subject to change based on the needs of the program and the clients we serve.


·  Skilled in the treatment of a broad range of psychiatric illnesses and addiction disorders with particular knowledge of the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with serious mental illnesses.

·  Knowledge and skill in clinical and administrative supervision; ability to review clinical care and records for regulatory and policy compliance and for quality of care issues

·  Ability to work effectively in groups, to team build and lead medical personnel toward achieving agency goals


The Medical Director must be Board certified or Board eligible psychiatrist with a minimum of three (3) years experience working in a psychiatric setting.  Supervisory experience preferred.