Learning and Development Specialist

FLSA Status: Exempt

Starting at: $55,341 per year


The primary responsibility for the Learning & Development (L&D) Specialist is to design and implement cutting-edge training programs that foster professional growth and enhance the skill sets of our employees. Collaborating closely with various departments, the L&D Specialist will play a pivotal role in creating engaging and effective learning experiences tailored to our organization's needs.


·  Design and create comprehensive training programs for employees across different departments. These programs will encompass onboarding, skill development, leadership training, and other relevant initiatives.

·  Implement training strategies by utilizing the latest training methodologies and technologies to deliver impactful learning experiences.

·  Facilitate in-person workshops, virtual sessions, and e-learning platforms to ensure a versatile approach and cater to diverse learning styles.

·  Evaluate training effectiveness by conducting assessments and gathering feedback to measure the success of training initiatives.

·  Utilize data-driven insights (from assessments and feedback) to continuously improve the quality and relevance of the programs.

·  Collaborate & partner with internal subject matter experts and external training vendors to ensure the content is up to date, accurate, and aligns with our organizational objectives.

·  Facilitate & support career development paths for employees by identifying skill gaps and providing personalized training recommendations.

·  Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in learning and development to bring innovative ideas and strategies to our training programs.

·  Curate and maintain a repository of learning resources, including training materials, manuals, and digital assets.

·  Promote a culture of continuous learning and professional growth throughout the organization.

·  Performs all other duties as assigned.


·  Bachelor's degree in, Human Service Field, Education, Organizational Psychology, or a related field, plus 3 years paid experience -OR- Master's degree in a human service field or a related degree (Business Admin, Training etc.)  (e.g. LCSW, LMHC, LMFT).

·  Proven experience in designing and implementing successful training programs.

·  Familiarity with various training delivery methods, including virtual training platforms.

·  Strong analytical skills to evaluate training effectiveness and measure impact.

·  Excellent communication and presentation abilities, with the capability to engage and inspire learners.

·  Collaborative and adaptable team player with the capacity to work cross-functionally.

·  Proficiency in using learning management systems (LMS) and other training-related technologies.

·  Reliable transportation to be able to commute between agency sites on a regular basis.

Benefits include:

  • Sign on bonuses for all
  • Multiple health insurance options
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Clinical license renewal reimbursement
  • Generous paid time