IPS Employment Specialist of OnTrackNY

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


The OnTrackNY Program is a Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) treatment program at BestSelf Behavioral Health serving adolescents and young adults. Our mission with the OnTrackNY Program is to empower young people to make meaning of their mental health experiences and to pursue their goals for school, work and personal relationships.

The IPS Employment Specialist develops competitive job opportunities in the community for individuals with mental illness. These jobs will be permanent in nature, competitive and pay at least minimum wage. They will be jobs that are available for anyone and not set aside for individuals with a disability. Will facilitate the successful utilization of job readiness training and job retention services for consumers of Vocational and PROS Programs. Building new relationships with potential employers in the community.


  • Provide individualized support/coaching to consumers to assist them in achieving the outcome of employment and/or educational success
  • Engages with community employers
  • Assist consumers with resume writing, interview skills and job searching
  • May transport consumers to and from interviews
  • Assist/Coach consumers onsite at their place of employment
  • Provide benefits counseling
  • Provide consumers with accurate information regarding disclosure to employers
  • Completes vocational assessment and updates consumer profile on a regular basis.
  • Completes weekly and monthly performance indicators and records data
  • Acts as a liaison between employer and consumer as needed
  • Reports data to NYESS or to agency designee for reporting purposes
  • Engaging participants and establishing trusting, collaborative relationships directed toward the goal of education or competitive employment in community job settings
  • Collaborating with other team members to deliver the education & employment support within the context of the model (e.g., engaging with participants to do fun activities, practicing cognitive or social skills that can then help them get a job, etc.)
  • Based on the participant's preferences, working closely with family members, or loved ones to educate them on how to support the young person with work/school goals
  • Helping family or loved ones navigate employment and educational systems, identify resources that can be helpful to them, and/or providing other supports to families as needed to help the young person with their recovery.
  • Providing job development and job search services directed toward positions that are individualized to the interests and uniqueness of the people on their situation and the situation of their support system, following the principles and procedures of the individual placement and support approach to supported employment.
  • Conducting a minimum of 4 (IPS is 6) employer contacts per week.
  • Provide support to the individual and the family for education goals in the community, including contact with staff at high schools, colleges, and other educational institutions
  • Arranging access to entitlements counseling for the individual and/or family.
  • Spending 65% or more of scheduled work hours in the community. For example, meeting participants at community locations (e.g. home, workplace, school, coffee shop, library, etc.); taking participants to apply for jobs; investigating local employment options; or meeting with employers regarding job development.
  • Linking transitioning participants to services that can support work and school goals post-discharge from OnTrackNY.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's degree in related field.
  • Training and experience working with adolescents and/or young adults with serious mental illness preferred.
  • Experience providing employment or education services preferred.
  • Must have a working familiarity with community resources.
  • Requires basic knowledge of psychiatric rehabilitation, vocational development, assessment, and placement techniques.
  • Must have excellent communication, presentation, and networking skills as well as computer skills.
  • Must be goal directed, organized and able to work independently.
  • Valid NYS Driver's License.
  • Must have accredited NYS Defensive Driving course; or obtain within 15 days of hire.
  • Must maintain active NYS Defensive Driving course every 3 years, upon expiration.
  • Must send updated copies of vehicle inspection, registration, and insurance cards to Human Resources upon expiration.