Educational Liaison

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Starting range: $30 - $35 per hour

Educational  Liaison-Will be a certified teacher from the day school, preferably a literacy or instructional coach that will be responsible for facilitating the linkage between the school day and out-of-school time programming including data sharing, curriculum planning, program alignment and professional


·  Provide and monitor programming designed to increase State and local test scores in reading and math.

·  Supervise the alignment of curriculum goals and objectives with the academic segment of the after - school program.

·  Meet regularly with building Principal, Site Facilitator and Director to develop short and long term academic goals of the program.

·  Identify and develop methods and tools to assist students in obtaining academic objectives as well as record, chart and report out on academic data and progress to Project Director, Site Coordinator, Evaluator and School Principal.

·  Track academic progress of enrolled students including homework, behavior, and grades.

·  Evaluate delivery of the academic portion of the program including, observation, role modeling and filling in for academic teachers if needed.

·  Encourage an atmosphere that promotes self - esteem, pride and achievement both individually and collectively among students.

·  Work with site coordinator on daily execution of program

·  Provide and maintain appropriate program data 

·  Develop and deliver age appropriate academic and enrichment blocks

·  Assist with ordering and managing supply inventory

·  Meet all Administrative Requirements to Ensure Compliance with  all required State Regulations and  Evaluation requirements

·  Plan, implement and track services and communications with parents/guardians

·  Schedule and assigned duties are subject to change based on the needs of the program and the clients we serve.


·  Knowledge of academic goals and program objectives.

·  Must be goal directed & organized

·  Ability to work independently in addition to working with others.

·  Must demonstrate the ability to work effectively with students, academic and administrative staff and community agencies.


·  Part time position approximately 10 hours a week 3-5 days during each schools designated expanded learning time.


·  Bachelor's degree in Child Development, education, human services or a related field; masters preferred

·  New York State Teacher certification preferred

·  A current staff member from parenting site

·  Two years direct experience working with children preferably in an educational setting.