Care Manager- Children's Health Home

Job Title: Care Manager II of Children's Health Home

Reports To: Senior Care Manager Supervisor

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt


Care Managers provide outreach and enrollment services to children presumed to meet eligibility requirements of New York State's Children's Health Home program. They gather assessments and enter documentation that confirms eligibility and identifies areas requiring supportive services.  They work with children, families and service providers to create a comprehensive Plan of  care, identify additional service providers as necessary, and coordinate the continuing involvement of families and service providers in the execution of the plan.  Care Managers document progress and arrange for eventual transition between health homes as necessary, or from health homes to other levels of service following changes in eligibility.


-  Document all case activity, including outreach, consent development and assessment, plan development, client progress and transition arrangements.

-  Administer CANS-NY, updating periodically.

-  Develop a comprehensive, family-driven youth-guided Plan of care.

-  Inventory and coordinate existing services relevant to the Plan of Care, identifying and securing additional services as appropriate.

-  Convene and conduct case reviews to assess process;update care plans, and confirm client eligibility.

-  Provide education to family and child concerning the nature and desired effect of services, along with information concerning conditions being treated.

-  Provide Health Home services for children  including face to face home visits; collateral phone calls and community linkages. 

-  Assure smooth transition of client service into and out of Health Home care, between child and adult health homes, and between inpatient and community care as appropriate.

-  Participate in mandatory and optional training, including but not confined to:  CANS-NY, was CHHUNY guided including; family-driven, youth-guided, trauma-informed care; IT, LGBT, Safety in community work, and meeting facilitation.

-  Participate in supervision.

-  Schedule and assigned duties are subject to change based on the needs of the program and the clients we serve.


·  Relevant experience in serving children and families in child welfare, behavioral health, primary health care, or social services.

·  Experience coordinating and participating in team settings.

·  Solid writing and verbal communication.

·  Work effectively and knowledgeably across a broad spectrum of cultural, ethnic, and racial communities.

·  Ability to work in an effective and focused manner when self-directed and beyond immediate oversight.

·  Ability to deliver family-driven, youth-guided services.

·  Familiarity with basic computer functions. 

·  Demonstrated ability to maintain a detailed, organized EHR. 

Each Care Management Agency will ensure that its teams include Care Managers with experience with a range of special populations, to include experience with children/youth with substance abuse and/or complex medical conditions.


·  BA with 2 years relevant experience, OR

·  RN with 2 years relevant experience, OR

·  MA with 1  relevant year experience