Academic Coordinator

Job Title:  Academic Coordinator (Cullen Grant Funding)

Reports To: Director of School Based Services

FLSA Status: Non-exempt

Notice: 4 Weeks

Grade: 6


The Academic Coordinator role is to expand and improve the academic enrichment component of the Building Brighter Futures (BBF) afterschool programming, in the schools identified within the grant. The grant is aimed at helping students achieve grade-level proficiency in ELA and Math by researching, identifying, and implementing a compilation of evidenced-based curricula and strategies that improve students' academic performance. The Academic Coordinator will research, identify, develop and implement lessons and tools designed to improve academic performance in ELA and math as measured by state assessments, grade level formative assessments, grade level advancement as well as attendance records and behavioral data. In addition, collaborate with all stakeholders at each participating site and keep accurate records to ensure alignment with the grant goals and objectives.


  • Develop a compilation of evidence-based tools and strategies to bridge best practices in school curriculum planning with the provision of high-quality after-school programming
  • Develop tools and materials that are learner-centered, aligned with the school day curricula and are focused on foundational math and literacy skills
  • Use and implement provided academic curricula and supplement it where needed to ensure content is; Experiential, focused on relevant, exploratory, and hands-on experiences, centered on engaging topics that capture youth imagination, multifaceted and allow for every type of learner to have an outlet, attentive to each child's developmental and academic needs, and concerned with foundational academic skill development (i.e., literacy and numeracy) and ?soft? skills related to school and job readiness (i.e., working with others, planning and organizing resources
  • Train after-school staff on curricula and day school initiatives
  • Facilitate communication between day school teachers and after-school teachers, as well as the program facilitators
  • Create a plan that focuses on specific, direct, measurable academic outcomes and develop a cadre of academic resources (supplies and human capital) that support these outcomes and are based on evidence-based tools.
  • Supervise the implementation of the curriculum design and oversee the necessary data collection
  • Compile data aligned with objectives and complete any reports related to it
  • Assess the success of each site and take steps to make changes necessary in order to improve
  • Communicate expectations, procedures, and needs for program success to all related staff/entities
  • Organize and attend stakeholder meetings specifically regarding academic achievement.
  • Attend and participate in grade level meetings at participating school sites
  • Participate in and contribute to BBF, agency, school and Network related meetings
  • Critically assess the success rate of the program and adjust accordingly
  • Innovate around the academic improvement of students within an afterschool setting
  • Please note, schedule and assigned duties may vary and are subject to change based on the needs of the program


  • General skill with planning and implementing foundational skills lessons in ELA/Math
  • Understanding of afterschool programs and their partnership and correlation with school districts
  • Public speaking skills
  • Proficient computer skills and knowledge


  • Full Time is a 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday. Must be available to work until 5:30 or 6pm from October-May.


  • Masters Level degree in Education
  • NYS certified teacher (preferably Childhood Education-K-6)
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience working with school age children, preferably in an urban educational setting