Grants Project Manager


The Grant Project Manager will support the agency in all aspects of grants management including Funding Identification and Cultivation; Proposal Preparation and Submission; Preparing and Submitting Reports, and Contract Management.

The Grant Project Manager works closely with the Director of Grants Management, the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Development, executive management, senior management, and program directors.


1.  Funding identification and Cultivation

·  Research grant and contract opportunities for the purpose of securing funding for current operations as well as program growth.

·  Share potential grant and contract funding opportunities with key staff to identify alignment of funding opportunities with programmatic and broader organizational strategy.

·  Where multiple programs may be a fit for funding (limited submission), coordinate submission with senior leadership team for prioritization.

2.  Proposal Preparation and Submission

·  Support Director of Grants Management in all aspects of proposal development

·  Coordinate preparation of additional proposal elements (biosketches, letters of support) for consistency, accuracy, and completeness.

·  Provide guidance on research-related regulations (where applicable).

·  Contact program officers, as needed, to ask clarifying questions.

·  Secure appropriate internal reviews and signatures prior to submission.

·  Submit proposals and supporting documentation via mail or online portals.

3.  Grants, Contracts and Project Management

·  Maintain organization-wide roster of foundation and government contract history, deadlines and status.

·  Conduct Grant Steering Committee Meetings including agenda development, taking minutes, and following-up on action items in collaboration with program/project directors

·  Create long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines.

·  Performing quality control on grants throughout development to maintain the standards expected.

·  Support successful grant and contract management by reviewing progress toward grant objectives/contract deliverables with program directors and interfacing with program officers on grant/contract modifications, as needed.

·  Maintain documentation of post-award amendments including development and submission of change requests to funder

·  Support program directors in preparing reports for timely submission in accordance with funder requirements to support successful close out

·  Monitor state and federal requirements related to grant and contract management; advises senior leadership on policies and procedures needed to support compliance with state and federal regulations related to growth in grant and contract activity.

·  Support internal and external collaborations (e.g. meetings with program officers and senior leaders, meetings with district personnel, community organizations, parents, businesses, etc.) for the purpose of securing funding to maintain and expand services.

·  Adjust schedules and targets as needs or financing for the project change

·  Coordinate with marketing to plan opportunities to acknowledge funding

·  Monitor proposal and project status and advise key staff on requirements and deadlines associated with grants

4.  Other

·  Support general fundraising activities, as needed;

·  Perform other duties as assigned


·  Minimum of 2 years in experience in Project Management

·  Related experience in grants and contracts development; understanding of state and federal regulations as they relate to grants and contracts; and experience presenting to a variety of audiences.

·  A minimum of two years of experience in cross agency initiatives and/or grant coordination with a non-profit or government organization preferred.